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Fat Loss eBook Reviews

Interested in fat loss? These ebooks will help you peel the fat off your body in record time. Learn which program will work best for you!

Our Featured eBook:

"Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss" Learn exactly how to eat and train to lose maximum fat as quickly as possible while keeping and even GAINING muscle mass. Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss Review

"Feast Your Fat Away" by Nate Miyaki There are no sacred cows in this book...this is nutritional advice based on research and practical experience to help you lose fat without feeling depived and hungry all the time.
"The Truth About Six Pack Abs"
By Mike Geary

Right off the top, I can tell you that I like this book and I like the approach Mike has taken with it. When I started reading the first chapter, the first thing that jumped out at me is that this is NOT a book about abdominal training...

"24/7 Fat Loss" by Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion

This is all about rapid fat loss..learn the secrets to burning fat 24 hour a day, 7 days a week with targeted nutrition and challenging workouts.

"Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle" by Tom Venuto

Discover the fat loss secrets of one of the masters - Tom Venuto. This powerful guide is one of THE most comprehensive books on effective fat loss ever written!

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Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Review
Body of F.I.R.E.
By Chad Waterbury

If you're looking to change your body composition for the better and FAST, and you're interested in preserving and improving athletic performance at the same time, this program is a good bet for you.

Final Phase Fat Loss By John Romaniello It's like a law of nature...the leaner you get, the harder it is to get leaner. When you've got a lot of fat to lose, it comes off failry readily...but when you get down around 8 to 10% bodyfat, it gets TOUGH. And THAT is the problem John Romaniello is primarily addressing in his new fat loss program "Final Phase Fat Loss"...
"Cheat Your Way Thin" by Joel Marion

Wait, don't you need to keep a strict diet to successfully drop extra fat? The REAL answer to that question might just surprise you. Because, in fact (and this is backed by VOLUMES of scientific research), a strict diet can actually STOP your progress if you stick to it too long!...

Cheat Your Way Thin Review
"Fat Burning Furnace" By Rob Poulos

This is a fat-loss package put together by Rob Poulos based on the techniques and information he used to get himself and his wife into excellent condition...

"Your Six Pack Quest" By Vince DelMonte

If you just want to LOOK better fast, fat-loss is what you need to do. So what sets Vince's program apart from all the other fat-loss programs on the market today?...Find out here.

Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonte - Review
"Burn the Fat Inner Circle"
Membership Site - Tom Venuto

When it comes to effective long-term fat loss, support means EVERYTHING. Going it alone really just makes things a lot harder when it needs to be, especially when a lot of people seem to be actively AGAINST you! That's where Tom Venuto's "Burn the Fat Inner Circle" membership site comes in.

How to Get Six Pack Abs Review
"Fat Loss Troubleshoot" and "The Metabolic Repair Manual"
By Leigh Peele

The titles of these books pretty much say it all. The premise is how to get past the sticking points of fat loss, be they mental, physical, nutritional or whatever. The "Metabolic Repair Manual" is all about how to take a "broken", poorly-functioning and essentially fix it!...

Fat Loss Detour By Nia Shanks

The first thing that I really like about this book is Nia's no BS approach to women's training for fat loss...it's focused on challenging, heavy weight training and NOT light weight, high-rep toning nonsense.

Fat Loss Detour
Body By Eats By Leigh Peele


This is a whole lot more than just a nutrition and recipe book...this is a whole new way of thinking about food and how you use it and enjoy in relation to fitness, health, fat loss and muscle-building.

Body By Eats
The Fat Burning Kitchen
By Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling

When it comes to fat loss, obviously nutrition plays a HUGE role...so much so that without good nutrition, you can kiss great results goodbye. "The Fat Burning Kitchen" aims to tackle the problem question of "what do I eat" head on. Does it succeed? You're gonna find out...

Fat Burning Kitchen
Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans
By Patrick McGuire and John Barban

Now this was a very interesting product to review...it's not a training program and it's not really a book, per se. It's basically a collection of professionally-designed meal plans targeted for the goal of losing fat.

"The Dad Fitness System"
By Sean Barker

So picture this...you're a dad...you haven't exercised in awhile...work keeps you running crazy...the kid(s) keep you on your toes when you're NOT working...you're expanding in the middle...the belt just keeps on moving towards the outer notches...

Dad Fitness Review




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