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Review of "Feast Your Fat Away"
eBook By Nate Miyaki

Feast Your Fat Away Review

And I'll tell you right up front, I don't know Nate...never met him or talked to him. He's not "my buddy," so to speak... ;)

However, having read through every page of his book and taken the time to really "digest" the info in it, I have TREMENDOUS respect for him and the job he's done with this book.

Honestly, his approach makes perfect sense to me, given what I've learned over the many years of reading I've done and experimenting on myself with eating patterns.

It literally IS a book I wish I would've written myself...had I had any interest in actually writing a nutrition book, that is!

What I like about Nates's approach to nutrition is that it's completely non-dogmatic...which is a fancy way of saying he doesn't blindly follow traditions because "that's the way it's always been done." He looks at nutrition with a completely objective eye and lets the data dictate how nutrition should be done, NOT custom or tradition.

And this approach is downright refreshing because what you're left with are just the facts...facts based on RESEARCH and practical experience, not on shady science or emotion-based eating patterns.

"That's great...so what will this book DO for me?" you're probably asking right now.

Well first, it's going to help you lose fat very quickly. With his approach, this is pretty much a guarantee. You'd have to really screw things up to NOT lose fat on his plan.

Second, it's a much more "socially-accessible" eating pattern. It's going to allow you to eat based on the way most people naturally seem to WANT to eat (i.e. more in the evening as you relax and wind down and less during the day when you're more active and don't want a "food coma" to knock you out). The upside of this pattern is that you can eat more freely in social situations without paying a heavy price on your fat loss results.

(if you're familiar with the term Intermittent Fasting, you'll have a head start on what he talks about in the book)

Now, to be clear, this doesn't mean you can starve yourself all day and eat whatever you want at night. That's NOT what Nate is going for here. The basis of his nutritional program is high-quality, NATURAL food...stuff that your great-grandmother would recognize as food (a good example is fruit leather...our ancestors would probably try and fix their shoes with it...Nate says eat REAL fruit instead).

What I also like about this book is how he encourages you to try different versions of his overall approach out for yourself...you're not just following a set of meal plans and hoping that they fit you. He gives you the tools you need to judge what to eat and WHEN to eat it, based on his years of research and experience with clients.

Which brings me to the next point...troubleshooting.

No program is going to go smoothly all the time...and learning how to fix things when they go wrong (or when you're not getting the results you want) can make the difference between success and failure. Nate covers this in detail, going into stories about past clients that he's helped overcome specific hurdles in their fat loss. It's excellent info and definitely worth reading...you'll know that you're not alone when you run into problems and they're FIXABLE.

Now, the main thing that could be improved about this book would be training...I always find specific training that tailored to the types of nutrients you're eating to be incredibly powerful for fat loss.

Nate chose to focus just on the nutrition end of things with this book, and I can respect that. His overall nutritional approach is going to work with just about any training program...he even gives tips on how to adjust it for building mass (while staying lean), even though the main focus is fat loss.

Essentially, you can plug his nutritional advice right into whatever program you're working with right now and see increased results.

The Bottom Line:

"Feast Your Fat Away" is a VERY good nutrition book...one of the best I've seen in terms of how research-based it is. And there are no sacred cows here...even the popular "four hour window of opportunity" (for post-workout feedings) is shredded with research and thrown to the wind (the window is actually a LOT longer than you think!).

To me, nutrition should be something that is SIMPLIFIED by a diet book, not made complicated. And that's exactly what Nate has done with "Feast Your Fat Away."

He's boiled down the research and the unique concepts into easy-to-follow, ACTIONABLE advice that will help you transform your body without feeling totally deprived or being a social outcast.

And THAT is my definition of a great nutrition book.

This one gets top marks from me...it's an approach I HAVE used and would absolutely recommend.

Learn how Feast Your Fat Away can help you drop fat without sacrificing your enjoyment of food...


Feast Your Fat Away Review




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