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Review of "Fat Burning Furnace"
Book by Rob Poulos

Burning excess fat…not too many people who don't have THAT as a major goal of their training!

And there are plenty of books on the market that give you plenty of information on fat loss, with varying degrees of accuracy and effectiveness.

"Fat Burning Furnace" is a fat-loss package put together by Rob Poulos based on the techniques and information he used to get HIMSELF into excellent condition. This is always something I look for in a program - does the author of the program LOOK like he (or she) actually uses the information himself!

Fat Burning Furnace Review

And Rob has certainly taken himself from a bit of a marshmallow (even though he was training!) to lean and ripped using the info in this book.

Let me tell you right up front…this book is more targeted to the beginning and intermediate trainer. There is certainly info that an advanced trainer will find useful but if you've been around the block in your training, you're probably going to know a fair bit of this information already.

Overall, though, it is VERY effective stuff - I don't agree with everything in the book but the information will definitely get you from Point A to Point B. You WILL lose fat by following the advice and programs in this book.

And if you ARE a beginning trainer, you're going to learn a lot from this manual.

Rob has included some excellent background information on fat loss and how it happens in your body…why the old-fashioned "long slow cardio" approach is completely mistaken (we're definitely on the same page with that), how to eat and supplement for fat loss (nothing crazy - just good advice), how the body reacts to different types of exercise, even information on how to change your mindset for optimal results.

The three levels of strength-training programs in the book are, to be honest, a bit thin. I would have liked to have seen more options in terms of the training end of things but Rob certainly covers a lot of ground in terms of overall training concepts and nutrition (and supplements).

The good thing about this approach is that it does make it simple for a beginning trainer to jump right in and get started. He's included plenty of exercise instruction info to make sure you know what you're doing when you get into the weights.

Bottom line, if you're looking for some good, basic fat-loss info, this book is an excellent choice.

Rob's also included a stack of bonuses and additional resources to go along with the main program, which really increases the overall value of the package nicely.

As I mentioned above, it IS more targeted to the "beginner" audience…if you're just getting started in your training career and are looking for fat loss as a primary goal, "Fat Burning Furnace" will get the job done.

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About The Author

Rob Poulos is a fitness author, fat loss expert, and the founder and CEO of Zero to Hero Fitness. Rob spent the majority of the last decade searching for the fastest and most permanent ways to burn stubborn fat and stay lean, strong, and healthy for the rest of his life.


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