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24/7 Fat Loss Review

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24/7 Fat Loss
By Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne - Review

Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne are two experts in the fields of nutrition and training respectively, and they've collaborated on a fat-loss program designed with one thing in mind...losing fat as fast as possible.

Overall, I like the underlying structure and strategies found in the program. It's a well thought-out approach to fat loss and can definitely help you lose fat.

As you know, the basis of any successful fat-loss program is going to be diet and exercise...what you eat and how you train...so to really judge how effective this program is going to be, I'll dig into both of those facets a bit.

1. Training

The training portion of this program is based primarily on Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT for short). MRT is simple in concept...think of it as using weight training in a "cardio" fashion, using large-muscle exercises, compound movements and short or no rest periods in between sets.

This type of training has the ability to not only burn fat and improve cardiovascular capacity, it allows you to build strength and muscle mass at the same time.

The 24/7 program workouts utilize a circuit training type of approach, going directly through a series of exercises moving from one exercise directly to the next with no rest. Once you've completed a circuit through the exercises, you take a short rest then go again.

The workout schemes vary between rep-based (e.g. 8 reps per set) or time-based (e.g. go for 40 seconds) and include a variety of workouts for beginners and advanced trainers. There are a good number of workouts to progress through included in the book.

Personally, I'm not normally a big fan of time-based training with resistance...it can be a bit tricky to figure out the best resistance to use and then if you repeat the circuit, you may have to adjust the resistance again, based on your fatigue. That's primarily a personal preference, though. If you gauge the resistance correctly and don't go too light and flail around with the weight or go too heavy and struggle to make it through the time period, it can be a very effective way to train.

The specific cardio training included in the program is high-intensity interval training, which is definitely more effective than long-duration cardio. The recommendations in the program are spot-on.

Overall, the approach to training in this program is an effective one.

I would have liked to have seen some instruction on how a person could put together their own workouts based on these MRT principles, though after experiencing some of the workouts, you'll probably get a good handle on this and be able to adjust the workouts to your own needs pretty easily.

Joel and Craig have also included a full exercise library where you can see pictures and descriptions of all the exercise. Also, during the check-out process, you'll be able to take the options of a full video library that includes full "follow-along" video workouts and a bodyweight-only version of the program, for those who train at home.

2. Nutrition

The nutritional approach to fat-loss in this program is pretty simple...the two biggest "take home" concepts are nutrient combining and carb timing ("Carb Syncing" as they refer to it).

Nutrient combining is essentially not eating fats and carbs together...the idea being that because carbs cause a release of insulin, you don't want to have fats present in the bloodstream, otherwise it makes it easier for those fats to be shuttled into fat cells. Protein is included in every single meal, which is important.

There is merit to this concept...I actually base my own Metabolic Surge fat loss program on a similar concept rotating nutrients on 5-day schedules rather than "meal-by-meal" schedules used by Craig and Joel, so I know it's a good concept and I use it regularly myself.

The only small hole in the concept on a "meal-by-meal" basis is this...when you eat fats, it actually slows down the digestion of carbs (thereby lowering the Glycemic Index of the entire meal together) and therefore slowing actual insulin release into the bloodstream. Small to moderate amounts of "good" fats along with carbs aren't really a problem. If you have a habit of eating a lot of fats and carbs together then, yes, it can absolutely become a problem.

The other thing to keep in mind when you're eating protein and carb-only meals is to make sure you're getting plenty of fiber in the meals. Fiber also slows down carb digestion and will give you a more stable source of energy.

Carb Syncing is also a very good concept...it's not really a new concept, though. I like to call it "eat 'em when you earn 'em"... essentially, you eat carbs only when your body can make best use of them, i.e. first thing in the morning and after a workout.

Joel and Craig have done a nice job of putting together a detailed schedule showing when you'll be eating what, timed with your workouts so you'll have no questions as to exactly what you need to eat and when. They also give you the option of picking up "done for you" meal plans that show exactly what and how much to eat as well.


All-in-all, 24/7 Fat Loss is a solid program...it combines excellent and proven training concepts (MRT and interval training) with research-backed nutritional strategies (nutrient combining and carb timing) that will absolutely get the job done.

The workouts are well-structured and include intelligent progressions (increasing the difficulty of your training as you get in better shape is critical to keeping fat-loss moving) and there are plenty of them to keep you busy. The nutrition concepts are well-explained and effective.

While this isn't a groundbreaking program that turns everything you know upside down, it IS a very good program that takes into account training, nutrition and how both of these two facets INTERACT with each other in order to maximize fat loss, which is a concept you don't see in a lot of fat-loss programs and yet is a CRITICAL factor to the success of a program.

If you're a very advanced trainer, you're probably going to be familiar with a lot of the material in this book.

If you're a beginner to intermediate trainer, this is going to be a VERY good approach for you to follow...you WILL get results with it.



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