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Review of "Burn the Fat Inner Circle"
Membership Site By Tom Venuto

When it comes to effective long-term fat loss, support means EVERYTHING. Going it alone really just makes things a lot harder when it needs to be, especially when a lot of people seem to be actively AGAINST you!

That's where Tom Venuto's "Burn the Fat Inner Circle" membership site comes in.

The Inner Circle is all about providing you with effective fat-loss information and as much SUPPORT as you need to succeed in your efforts.

Click Here to go to the
Inner Circle Site

So back to our regularly scheduled program here...

"Burn the Fat Inner Circle"

When it comes to fat loss, I mentioned above that not only do you need effective information for training and eating, SUPPORT is also extremely critical and it's something that is quite often missing from a lot of people's efforts.

Honestly, it's probably one of the number one reasons people fail with fat loss. Sure, they may drop some weight - they may even drop a LOT of weight...but without support, long-term success can be pretty elusive.

And that is where the Inner Circle really shines...

Because not only are you getting a TON of top-notch fat loss information, in the form of:

  • Audio Interviews
  • Burn The Fat Q & A
  • Calorie & Nutrient Info
  • Burn The Fat Discussion Forums
  • The Burn The Fat Show
  • Downloads
  • Exclusive Articles
  • Forums
  • News Headlines
  • Recipes
  • Tools and Calculators
  • Science & Research Update
  • Expert contributors

You're also going to be getting access to THOUSANDS of people with the same goal you have...burn the fat (couldn't resist throwing that in there!)

One of the greatest things about the Internet is it's ability to bring like-minded people, separated by thousands of miles, together.

You've got a group of people are interested in not only getting better themselves but in helping OTHERS get better as well. It's a good atmosphere with none of the garbage you see on many other bodybuilding and training forums.

These are people who are walking the walk and talking the talk and want to give back by helping YOU.

Here are some of the success stories from the site...these are the types of people who are on the forums helping others achieve success...

  • The 'Three Fat Loss Gadgets' Brian Nordberg used help him stay in a constant fat loss "Feedback Loop"... Learn what sparked Brian's 100 pound fat loss journey and the sensible approach that he took to kick-start the process... The 'decision-point' he faced where he could either backslide and re-gain the weight 'OR' keep the progress going and breakthrough to greater results.

  • Starting out weighing 356 pounds, CeCe Once has burned 173 pounds of fat and is now in training for a 109 mile bike ride. In this Burn The Fat Inner Circle success story interview, you'll learn the driving force that motivated CeCe to change and the belief systems that keep her going.

  • In this 'Burn The Fat Success Story' you will hear the secrets of Arkady's transformation from a 240 pound (40% body fat) 'health wreck' to a 162 pound, 10% body fat, endurance athlete. He used to hyperventilate when walking up a flight of stairs but now he runs marathons and is training for his first Ironman triathlon competition while maintaining a muscular physque.

Back to the Informational Side of Things...

This site features a HUGE collection of articles, interviews, calculators, nutrient databases, supplement reviews, and much more.

It's quality stuff - naturally, you're going to get differences of opinion on some topics (for example, I'm not keen on utilizing cardio for fat loss - Tom encourages people not to focus on it completely but he still includes it in his recommendations to a greater degree than I do).

Overall, the sheer volume of downright useful information goes a LONG way towards ensuring your success.

Who This Site Is For...

While ANY level of trainer can get plenty out of this site, it's not geared as a bodybuilding type of site where you'll get hammered with technical information and supplement ads.

This site is primarily geared towards the "weight loss" audience...but this is for people who want to do it RIGHT, through proper training and eating.

And there are, literally, THOUSANDS of people signed up on the site. It's a rich environment for anybody looking to really hit a home run with their own fat loss efforts.


I could give you a rundown of each of the sections on the site, but that would take up a lot of screen space. You're better off going to the site and clicking around the tour links to see and read what it's all about for yourself in that department.

The bottom line is this...

1. A TON of quality information

2. PLENTY of support from people going after the same goal you are

3. LOW PRICE - 10 bucks a month, which is dirt-cheap for everything you're getting in the site.

Overall, it's good stuff and well worth having a look at to see if it meets your needs.

Learn more about Tom's membership
site "Burn the Fat Inner Circle"

About The Author

Tom Venuto is a natural bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and freelance fitness writer. Tom is the author of "Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle,” which teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models.

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