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Review of "Maximum Muscle Mass"
eBook By Morris Mendez

Morris Mendez is a classic example of a skinny guy turning to weight training to bulk up and not feel bad about being skinny any more.

That story sound familiar? Maybe that's why YOU started training, too!

This is a picture of Morris to the right. He's a professional natural bodybuilder. This is obviously a guy who knows how to get in shape.

But can his techniques work for the "average Joe" trainer, looking put on some significant muscle mass?

Let's find out!

Morris Mendez

As a bodybuilder, Morris is concerned with muscle size and shape because that's what he gets judged on up on stage.

I'm happy to see that in his book, Morris actually DOES focus on performance in addition to straight up muscle building. He also has a BIG focus on compound exercises like squats and deadlifts as the most effective mass builders. Anybody with any sort of experience in muscle-building will agree with that.

Morris has included a substantial section on nutrition - plenty of good no-nonsense information to help you customize your own eating strategies. What works for one person doesn't always work for another and Morris has done a nice job of explaining how to work with your diet to make sure you're getting enough calories and nutrients to maximize the results you get from your training.

The training program section covers the bulk of this book - a 12 week, workout-by-workout program that takes you through a complete periodized program. Each workout is laid out in detail - very easy to follow along with and record your progress.

The training part itself isn't what you'd call revolutionary...you're using standard exercises and rep ranges.

Therein lies the key...a focus on basic, effective program design and improving your numbers with each workout is where the results lie...not in creating a confusing program that just looks good on paper. The overall program here is well designed and will definitely get you results, i.e. muscle mass.

Morris also includes a section on supplements. Normally, people use WAY too many supplements - stuff that's not doing pretty much anything to help them reach their goals. Heck, most supplements don't even contain half of what they're supposed to on top of the fact that the main ingredient hasn't even been proven to work in the first place!

The supplement list that Morris has included in his list includes some tried-and-true supplements as well as a couple of ones that you may not be familiar with. I don't agree with all the choices (I haven't tried a few of them myself so I can't speak to their effectiveness) but the staples are solid.


If you're more towards the beginner to intermediate stage of training, you'll get the most out of this book. The more advanced trainer will be familiar with a lot of the information in here.

Don't get me wrong...it's definitely effective stuff! If you ARE interested in learning how Morris Mendez got to be the size he is (and he is certainly well developed for a natural competitor) this is a good book to check out.


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