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Review of "TacFit Training"
eBook and Video Training by Scott Sonnon

The TacFit Commando program is essentially a "combat-oriented" style of program. The exercises and movements are geared towards developing the fitness and performance capabilities of those who need to to be ready for action at a moments notice (police, SWAT, special operations soldiers, firefighters, etc.) and who don't often have gym equipment available to train on and keep in top condition.

A mastery of bodyweight and body movement is essential for people in those occupations. For example, one of the exercises involves falling backwards then using arm, core and leg strength to pop almost all the way back up to a standing position instantly. Then you move to the other side and pop back up again. You repeat this going back and forth, basically training your body to respond with power to a situation that would normally leave you on your back and vulnerable (from a combat point of view).

TacFit Training Review


Now, just because I mentioned it's a combat-style program, it doesn't mean that you won't benefit from this training, even if you're not a spec-ops soldier.

This type of training carries tremendous benefits for those who want to achieve that mastery over their bodyweight with the overall performance benefits and physique improvements that will follow.

If you're a beginner just starting out with training, it's not a program I would recommend for you at this moment. It's great information and bodyweight training is generally a good place to start for beginning trainers but many of the exercises in the program are more geared towards those with some training experience.

If you're carrying a lot of extra weight, this may not be a good choice for you as well. The reason for this is that because it's bodyweight training, you'll be subjecting your body to a LOT more impact with the extra weight you're carrying.

The exercises themselves involve movement and momentum, which in itself is not a bad thing...it's just that the extra weight means extra stress on the joints when momentum is involved. If you're already working towards fat loss, it would be a good program to invest in for future use, once you get the extra bodyfat off.

Now, if you're an intermediate to advanced trainer, looking for a change of pace and interested in some really unique, performance-oriented bodyweight training, you're going to REALLY enjoy this program. The exercises are very innovative and effective. When you see the demos, you can see exactly what the training is targeting and how it'll make you a better, more explosive athlete.


This program is definitely not just hype. It's got some real meat to it. Well worth picking up a copy, if you're interested in some serious bodyweight training info.

And probably one of the most telling things about the quality of this program is that my friend and colleague Tim Larkin, co-creator of the "Target Focus Training" self-defence system, endorses this program and recommends it to his students. If you're not familiar with Tim, he's a world-class combat instructor who would absolutely not mess around with anything ineffective.

So that's the story with the TacFit Commando program. It is definitely very good stuff if your training goals and experience fit the bill!

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