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Gluteus to the Maximus - Build A
Bigger Butt NOW!

By Nick Nilsson - Review

Review by Rahul Alvares

"Gluteus to the Maximus" is an unusual book. It is very rare that a fitness author should choose this area as his expertise. Actually, until I had read the testimonials to this book, I never even realized the fixation that many people – men especially – have on developing bigger and better butts.

Although I have always recognized the importance of overall body training, I rarely thought of my glutes and how they were developing when I exercised. I have always regarded glutes as a bodypart that develops on its own. As a bodybuilder, I have never heard any of my gym-mates look at someone else and remark something like "My God, I wish I had glutes like that." Nor have I overheard many comments from girls when I was in college.

But now I realize that there are, in fact, a lot of flat and small butts out there who desperately need to get better glutes. What could these people do until now? If you want to get bigger arms, there are dime-a-dozen books out there. Need to increase your bench? There are several programs that will promise to blast your poundage through the roof. But this is the first book I’ve seen and read that not only effectively targets the glutes, but will produce results so "big" that you will actually be able to see your butt growing by the week!

When I first read about this book, I wondered what amount of information the writer, Nick Nilsson, might have managed to dig up and put together to actually be able to write a book only on the glute muscle. I was shocked when I got my hands on a copy. Printed out the book would be over 400 pages long!

Loaded with exercises, programs and diets, the book guarantees results on even the most stubborn of butts. As Nick himself explains:

"Ttraining without nutrition will produce no results. Most people cannot develop their glutes because they never really target all the aspects of muscle growth together. When your nutrition and training are proper, they work synergistically to guarantee results."

A very important training aspect often overlooked, which is the reason why many trainees never manage to develop their muscles to maximum size, is stretching. If your glutes are never stretched then their tightness is what might be holding them back. Nick has incorporated a lot of stretching exercises in his book that most certainly will stretch your glute muscles, giving them the space they need to grow.

The programs, which have been divided for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced trainee, are specialized training techniques that will definitely produce results no matter how lacking your glutes are. Nick has even incorporated training techniques found only in his other book "Specialization Training." These specialization techniques, ranging from one day to three week specialization courses, will ensure success.

One thing I also need to make clear is that Nick’s book is about building your glutes by building your muscle. There are two ways you can get bigger glutes. Only one way will result in a fat and out of shape ass.

Don’t worry, though. Muscle mass doesn’t mean veins on your butt! It means firm buns as round as the sun.

If you are the sagging or flat butt type, or even if you already have reasonably well built glutes but are looking to carve some buns of steel then "Gluteus to the Maximus" is a must read for you.



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Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!
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