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Muscle Explosion - 28 Days
to Maximum Mass

By Nick Nilsson - Review

Review by Rahul Alvares

When I first started bodybuilding , like everyone else I was a very impressionable lad. At a height of 5ft 10 inches I was also only about a 135 pounds so you can imagine just how skinny I was! In the first two years of training, my arms grew bigger but I hardly increased much in weight and like every other hard gainer I spent long hours in the gym, and searched high and low for that secret to massive muscle growth. In the end what worked for me was increasing my caloric intake and in two months of serious eating I had put on 22 pounds of weight. The following year I added another 22.

I was so pleased I overlooked the fact that because I wasn’t all that strict with my diet much of what I was gaining was fat. Then I struggled for a long time to lose all that fat and I made the big fat mistake of losing too much too fast. The end result was that I lost most of that fat but ended up more or less where I’d started!

The moral of the story for me was clear: slow and steady wins the race. I realized that most of the books that endorsed extreme diets for massive gains in muscle or huge amounts of fat lost in a short time were either bogus or worked only on physiques with great genetics or those spiked up on steroids. There were no secrets to bodybuilding. Getting a good physique was hard work and training smart. So I stuck to making small and steady but sure gains. And I’m highly skeptical of anyone who tells me I can make massive gains now.

But if I had to pick two books that I honestly believe just might have the right to make such a claim they would be Metabolic Surge (see my review on this fatloss book) and Massive Explosion.

In fact, I intend to try out Muscle Explosion very soon and judging by the awesome program Nick Nilsson has put together, I’m sure I’m gonna make some pretty decent gains. How massivethey are that remains to be seen!

The reason I believe Muscle Explosion has a chance at surging muscle growth even for a hard gainer is because it uses some of the most effective training techniques ever;

  • Stretch-Pause Training and Fascia expantion to create room for muscle to grow.
  • Tissue remodelling for building connective tissue
  • Core combo for a strong mid section
  • Lactic acid training to pump up those levels of growth hormone in the body
  • Fat loss circuit training for time saving and effective cardio
  • Capillarization training for better circulation
  • Hyperplasia training for splitting those muscles fibers

And this book is truly unconventional because as Nick Nilsson himself says

  1. you're going to REDUCE your caloric intake to well below maintenance levels
  2. you'll eliminate protein from your diet completely (in a very specific way)
  3. you're going to do VERY high rep sets (30+ reps per set)
  4. you'll also be doing very LOW rep sets (3 reps per set) and with very little rest in between those sets
  5. you're going to train the same bodypart 5 days in a row
  6. you're going to train the same EXERCISE 5 days in a row
  7. you'll going to learn how to train with heavy weight AND for high reps
  8. you're going to stretch your muscles without doing any stretching
  9. you're going to do a LOT of cardio then you're going to do NONE
  10. you're NOT going to stuff yourself full of food constantly...just strategically
  11. you're going to stay away from muscular failure then go FAR beyond it

But put all these "wrong" things together in the RIGHT way, and you've got a tremendous program that will get you EXPLOSIVE results.

The diet routine that goes with the program is also fantastic. The carbohydrate cycling sets you up for a clear hormonal advantage ensuring the best gains possible. Because of this you are able to make gains with just a moderate increase in caloric intake. I really like this part since most other massive muscle gain diets are huge on caloric intake and as a consequence there’s always that chance that you’ll gain some amount of fat as well.

What I really like about Muscle Explosion is that while being a truly unconventional program it is still a very sensible program. It takes you to the limits of overtraining and then just at the right moment pulls back for your body to catch up.

I mentioned at the start that most massive programs are only suited to bodybuilders with great genetics or those juiced up on steroids. But while I can’t say that Muscle Explosion is "one size that fits all"...it is probably the closest an unconventional routine ever came to being one.

This is a must have for every serious bodybuilder.

The book also has a great reference section listing all the papers Nick Nilsson has consulted to put together in this program.


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