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Review of "Hyper Growth
Muscle Mass Training"

Book by Doberman Dan Gallapoo

I review a lot of muscle-building programs on the site here...all kinds of different theories and approaches to building muscle.

The bottom line that I look for is results...is the program based on sound training principles and is it doable by a "normal" person?

Doberman Dan Gallapoo (I've known him for years - VERY knowledgeable guy, especially about "old-time" bodybuilding before drugs got involved) has put together a muscle-building training manual based on VOLUME rather than intensity.

So here's the basic deal...Dan and I agree about a lot of things when it comes to training, especially about how increasing training volume is a very necessary component in a program for building muscle.

The idea with that being you're gradually overloading the muscles, forcing them to adapt and grow. You stay away from muscular failure for most of your sets - managing fatigue is the key.

Dan's approach to volume training is a bit different - you won't be going anywhere NEAR failure on any of the sets.

His approach is based on the thought that your body doesn't really know the difference between a 200 lb barbell pressing down on your chest or a 200 lb log pressing down on your chest to crush you. The result in stress on the body, which increases cortisol production...the more stressful the event, the more cortisol is released.

So when you push to failure, your body sees it as a life-or-death emergency and pumps out the cortisol, which, if course, acts directly against the muscle-building process.

So by staying away from failure, you keep that catabolic action under control.

Think of it this way as well...you will RARELY if EVER see a top professional athlete work any exercise to failure. The potential for injury is too great and the nervous system impact is too much (and will interfere with skill practice).

Dan goes into much greater detail about the rationale behind his approach to volume training in the book - it's a good read.

If you're a High-Intensity Training devotee, you'll probably have a tough time digesting the idea of doing high-volume training but honestly, it might be a good change for you, especially if you've been on HIT for a long time.

In the book, Dan does a nice job of covering all the training basics...exercises, nutrition, supplements, etc. - definitely solid information there. You'll even some good recipes for meals for muscle-building.

You'll see a lot more isolation exercises than I would normally prescribe and the structure of the program is quite a bit different than what I would normally use as well.

For the stated goal of this program, this could certainly be an effective alternative to high-intensity training. You're definitely not going to burn out your nervous system with this style of training and it might be just what the doctor ordered to get you making progress again.

If you've been stuck at a muscle-growth plateau for quite awhile, this could be a good alternative to a more intensity-based program.

So bottom line, Dan and I are definitely on the same page when it comes to training volume and increasing the workload on the muscles through increasing that training volume. But we do differ on how to apply that concept when it comes to program design.

It's an approach that may not suit everybody but might be a nice break for your body from more nervous-system-intensive training.

Definitely worth having a look at to see if it would be a match for you!

Learn more about Dan's book "Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training"

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