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Holy Grail Body Transformation
By Tom Venuto - Review

Review by Rahul Alvares

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle (Tom Venuto’s first book) was one of the first books I reviewed over five years ago. I remember not being all that impressed with it at the time. Back then I was easily excited by extreme forms of training and equally extreme dieting. BFFM tamed in comparison to these books that promised ‘massive gains of rock hard slabs of muscle and ripped to shreds abs revealed by zero carb diets.’

Over the years I’ve gone back to BFFM a number of times (after I failed on all my other fancy training books) and I’ve slowly built a grudging respect for Tom Venuto. I finally understand now what Tom meant when he said ‘I’m probably the first and only person who’s going to tell you that there are no shortcuts to losing fat.’ (I’m unable to find his original quote so excuse the errors if any!). But that’s pretty much what he said anyways.

And after reviewing and testing almost a hundred books, and spending countless hours in the gym I can definitely vouch for the same.

The Holy Grail takes off where BFFM left off. It’s a lovely sequel to its predecessor and it’s written in the same style and includes the same training principles. The only difference being that the presumption and purpose of this book is not just to burn fat but gain muscle at the same time as well.

This might sound absurd to someone sold on the conventional ‘bulking up and cutting down’ style of training. But I can tell you the principles on which this book is built are sound indeed. Infact they are not only sound but they are also the most basic and logical conclusions of bodybuilding. The kind that make you wanna slap yourself as you think’ how come I never thought of this myself!’

The Holy Grail opens your perspective to the fact that the body is in a constant state of flux. Tissue, both fat and muscle, is constantly being torn down and built up in microcycles all the time. A microcycle in Tom’s book lasts a day. Meso cycles last a week or so. Macro cycles last months.

From what I understand building muscle and burning fat isn’t unlike trading shares in the stock market. You could buy early morning and sell by evening making yourself a small profit for that day. That constitues one successful micro cycle. Keep that on for several months and you might just end up with a very profitable macro cycle!

Compared to BFFM which was a heavy weight tipping in at over 300 pages , the Holy Grail is a light weight at 74 pages soaking wet. But it doesn’t have to be heavy. Because it’s still just as effective. Do yourself a favor and get this book. And if you haven’t already got a copy of BFFM then I’d recommend you get yourself a copy of that too. Believe me between the Holy Grail, BFFM, EDT (Charles Staley) and Metabolic Surge (Nick Nilsson) you’ve got pretty much everything you can get to help you build muscle and burn fat at the same time!

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