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The Best Exercises You've
Never Heard Of

By Nick Nilsson - Review

Review by Rahul Alvares

Probably Nick Nilsson's best book yet "Best Exercises" is a most amazing collection of exercises that you absolutely must get your hands upon. True to its title, "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," the exercises are not variations of exercises you've already tried in the gym. They are brand new exercises that somehow were missed when the world of bodybuilding was created. Can you imagine not having the bench press as a pectoral exercise? Can you imagine the amount of gains you would miss if you never worked the squat? Well if you haven't yet gotten your hands on "Best Exercises," you are cheating yourself out of immense gains.

When I first heard of "The Best Exercises" I must admit I was skeptical. I knew there would be some interesting information in it for sure, but would I really need it? If they were merely variations then would the book be worth it? I can now tell you my expectations of "The Best Exercises" were totally off the mark and I am glad for it, GLAD you hear!

Take, for example, the upper and inner chest, which was always a horribly lagging body part of mine. Like most bodybuilders, I've had few problems in developing my outer and lower chest but I've never managed to get good pec seperation and till a few months ago you could still count the ribs under my nonexistent upper chest.

I had searched for years for a good exercise with which I could hit my upper and inner pecs. Oh yes, I tried incline presses and V bar dips! They were good but not good enough. "The Best Exercises" gave me two brand new exercises to fit the purpose! With one of the exercises I am able to get an excellent contraction right in the region of my upper and inner pecs just below the neck. The other one stabs me with a sharp dart of delightful pain squarely in between my upper pec cleavage!

There are such exercises for every body part: triceps, traps, hamstrings, and wings, you name it. "The Best Exercises" gives you a brush to reach those "hard to reach" places when you step in for a shower. And though there is no radical training principle or bodybuilding fundamental involved, I cannot but help call Nick's work revolutionary. How Nick came up with those exercises, I don't know. One must really need a "Hannibal Lecter" like twisted brain to do so!

To add to this every exercise has tips and tricks, on the difficuilties you might encounter, how to counter them, and make the exercise better. Show's that Nick worked the exercises in and out before compiling them into the book. I know the exercises are safe, therefore.

But for a few small glitches I would have rated "The Best Exercises" as a classic.

Yes, there are fifty three exercises in the book all right. But take it from me, you won't be able to use all of them. Actually, I can't use a number of them.

Let me explain why with an example. In my foolish youth years of bodybuilding, I overtrained my biceps with forced barbell curls to the extent of irreversibly injuring my left wrist. I have always had to use only dumbels for curls after that and have not touched a barbell now in over a year. Nick has included in "The Best Exercises," a beautiful exercise for the biceps but unfortunately it has to be performed with a barbell. So there goes one exercise out the window for me.

Fifty two more to go. "The Best Exercises" includes three exercises targeting the glutes and upper thighs. Now I have already big glutes and thighs. I have no interest in developing them further. So there go the next three out the window.

Now I'm down to forty nine.

As you work through the book, you might find you can't use some of the exercises for yourself because of your own personal reasons and limitations.

Though Nick has included between five and twelve exercises for every body part, there are two groups of muscles he did not touch. One was the forearms and the second was the neck. The neck especially is an area often overlooked by most bodybuilders. Most bodybuilders with tree-trunk-like necks haven't worked for them. They got them because of good genetics. What about the pencil necks? I am sure Nick could include an exercise or two for the neck and the forearms.

Otherwise, "The Best Exercises" is a book of sheer genius. A must have for every bodybuilder interested in the sport.



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