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Powerful Sleep
By Kacper M. Postawski - Review

Review by Rahul Alvares

From its title, "Powerful Sleep," you can guess, of course, that this isn't a book on bodybuilding. It is just a book on sleep. It is, however, one of the most powerful and controversial books I have ever read on fitness. When I first received Kacper's e-newsletter some months ago, I knew he was onto something big. From the articles he wrote, I knew his discoveries were huge. And let me tell you now once again that "Powerful Sleep" is one of the best books on fitness I have read ever.

"Powerful Sleep's" relation to bodybuilding I don't have to explain to you. Forget bodybuilding...every one on this planet needs good sleep. No one can do without it.

We all think that sleep happens to us automatically - I mean how complicated could it be? You lie down on your bed and you fall asleep! But actually none of us know anything about sleep at all.

In today's world few of us get good sleep. Even I, who have always considered myself a good sleeper, have actually always had trouble falling asleep. Sometimes I'd be tossing and turning in bed for an hour and a half before I finally fell asleep. Getting up in the morning has always been like waking up drugged. If I oversleep one afternoon or morning, there goes my sleep in the night - the remaining part of such a day, of course, will be spent wandering around in a sleepy daze!

All this and I ironically still considered myself a good sleeper! I actually don't even know or have cared to find out how much sleep my body really needs.

If you're thinking of telling me eight hours then let me bust your brainwashed grey cells open wide - you don't need 8 hours of sleep!
It doesn't matter how long you sleep. If you're not sleeping right you're ruining you life. And if you are sleeping 8 hours or more but still needing more of it - then you're definitely not sleeping right at all!

I am sorry I have been rambling on so much. But I hope now that you are able to relate to what I am saying.

It is now eight days since I've read "Powerful Sleep" and have put into practice the knowledge I have gained from it. I must tell you I now sleep seven hours or less sometimes (I usually slept nine or more before). I fall asleep within ten to fifteen minutes of lying down at night. My sleep is deep and I don't wake once until early morning. I have more free time and most important: I never have to use guesswork to regulate my sleep anymore!

Enough about myself, I will just list some of the important points dealt in the book instead. These are some of the things you will learn about after reading "Powerful Sleep".

1. The 'eight hours of sleep' myth and how you can actually reduce this time greatly, getting better and more refreshing sleep in return.
2. The different stages of sleep; brainwaves, sleep cycles, and the five stages of sleep (deep sleep, REM, etc.)
3. The underlying systems that govern our sleep; circadian rhythms, melatonin levels, sunlight etc.
4. increasing the quality of sleep; getting more light, how to use sunglasses, exercise and why it is critical for good sleep, powernaps, regular rising and sleep timings, sleeping posture.
5. Nicotine, coffee, alcohol, and water; how they affect sleep.
6. Insomnia, sleeping pills, sleep restriction, etc.
7. Awake and sleep system; Compromise on any one and the other is affected!
8. Etc, etc.; and by that I mean that there is a lot more!

For example, did you know that your feeling sleepy is actually related to a lowering of your body temperature? Yes…contrary to what we have been always told our temperature actually varies from 98.6 Fahrenheit. It varies through about 3 degrees Fahrenheit every day! Increasing your body temperature will make your sleep problems vanish, and you feel much more refreshed in return.

Once you start reading this book it is impossible to put it down.

Kacper has included quite a few very interesting bonuses also with the "Powerful Sleep" book:

1. Vivid Dreams: this is the Vivid Dreams e-book which will teach you the power of unlocking your shadow memories, to remember hours of your dreams in vivid detail.

2. Night-Shift Jet-Lag Report: This is the special report through which you'll learn special tactics to optimize your inner sleep clock for distant time zone travel and vigorous sleeping schedule changes that come with working at night.

3. Lessons from Miracle Doctors: This 144 page book written by John Barron, included as a bonus, is probably the best book on Health I have ever read!

I hope you have not already been bored with the rather long review of "Powerful Sleep" above - in which case you are probably not reading this now - because "Lessons from Miracle Doctors" is something you absolutely cannot afford to miss. In fact, the book is so good that I can't believe Barron is giving it away for free with the "Powerful Sleep Package."

I know this review is already too long, but it will be very wrong of me not to include a small review of "Lessons from Miracle Doctors" as well.

So here goes!

"Lessons from Miracle Doctors" is a complete and comprehensive book on cleansing the body, treating diseases the alternative way, and improving health to its highest standards. I won't go into the depths of anything, just take my word for it that you will absolutely love - or hate - this book for the honesty within. Don't miss it.

I am including only the titles of all the chapters dealt with in this book to give you a general idea.

1. Intestinal cleansing, detoxification, and rebuilding.
2. Probiotics; As a result of chlorinated/ fluorinated/treated water and antibiotics and pesticides in our food, we have virtually eliminated an essential component of health and well-being.
3. Enzymes; Modern man is the only animal that eats a diet almost devoid of live enzymes. As a result virtually every American has an enlarged pancreas by the time he/ she is forty.
4. Diet, vitamins and minerals
5. Herbs; the great herbalists don't just cure colds; they cure cancer!
6. Free radicals and antioxidants.
7. Hormonal Balance
8. Water
9. Your mouth; A visit to your dentist could be deadly - unless you know what to look out for. Life long mercury poisoning with amalgam fillings and why root canals need to be banned!
10. Cleansing your liver and Blood.
11. The immune system
12. The thought that kills
14. Exercise; move or die!
15. Energy; charge your body with the right frequencies and you prevent disease.
16. Cancer

Let me also include a small paragraph from the book to explain a little more about "Lessons from Miracle Doctors": The secret to health, the secret to all the success that the great alternative healers share, is that they look to raise every inch of a person's Personal Health Line. If you do that, if you raise the entire line, the odds are in your favor. In fact, it's almost impossible to miss!

Drawbacks: Both books ("Powerful Sleep", and "Lessons from Miracle Doctors") are classics. They actually deserve five star ratings. But I am not going to give them those for only one reason: both the books need a little more detail with some related topics.

For example, in the case of "Powerful Sleep," information on yawning hasn't been included at all. A question and answer sheet/feedback from the readers of "Powerful Sleep" would also be great to include in the book. I know many people, including myself, have a lot of questions about sleep and I am sure Kacper could answer them all.

"Lessons from Miracle Doctors" would also become more comprehensive if it tackled issues like Lasik eye surgery, teeth health etc.

Click here to learn more about
"Powerful Sleep"

Click Here To Learn About Powerful Sleep by Kacper Postawski


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