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Echoes From the Power Storm That Was... Chuck Sipes

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Echoes From the Power Storm
That Was... Chuck Sipes!

"Bodybuilding's Original Iron Knight speaks…in this rare hardcore
series of unpublished direct training communiqués"

By Dennis B. Weis "The Yukon Hercules"

"Chuck Sipes Lives Again"

Through the 20th Century-21st Century millennial time barrier comes the incredible human strength and bodybuilding fire power wisdom of one of the 20th Century's greatest Bodybuilding legends. He's gone now (August 22, 1932-February 24, 1993)…but lives on here teaching the ideas and ideals of his very important training life existence.

Here for the first time are the unpublished IFBB Mr. America-Mr. Universe-Mr. World Chuck Sipes maximum training potential direct communiqués…to Dennis B. Weis.

The purpose of this e-report is to give you a personal glimpse and glance at the exact methods, lessons, and philosophies I learned and came to espouse from Chuck Sipes ('59 IFBB Mr. America, '61 Mr. Universe , '66 Mr. Olympia 4th place and '68 Mr. World) from the periodic telephone and correspondence communiqués over a span of 15 years.

Unfortunately I don't have any audio tape recordings of my phone consultations with Chuck but being an ecstatic user of his intensive training methods for producing steroid like gains I did save most the written correspondence and have chosen to include in this e-report 35 of the VERY BEST direct training communiqués that he personalized for my particular wants and needs for becoming a contest entering and winning amateur BODYBUILDER and POWERLIFTER.

The 35 thoughtfully selected training communiqués revealed in this e-report were crafted from Chuck's quasi-core (instinctive) strength & physique contest preparation system. The system Chuck used for inducing strength included heavy strict power movements (exercises such as the Barbell Bench Press, Squat and Conventional Dead lift) combined with the "cheating principle, "supports" and "quarter-movements."

Chuck's approach for physique contest preparation was a hypothesis of lighter pumping movements for shape and muscularity. The strength and physique contest preparation systems are certainly two different training venues but as you will soon see Chuck had an explicitly calculated way in which he combined them for the ultimate in size, shape, muscularity and strength.

Echoes From the Power Storm That Was... Chuck Sipes

Upon first glance the 35 personalized training communiqués may seem like a plain vanilla approach to the regular strength and muscle density workouts that you would commonly read about in any hardcore iron game literature.

Rest assured however that there are some very intriguing muscle structural integrity specialization workouts for the delts, arms, chest and calves plus some exclusive pure cosmetic bodybuilding and true grit power lifting programs.

If you are interested in increasing your maximum single effort in the bench press by as much as 75 pounds in less than one year, the guarded information revealed in communiqués No. 6 and 33 are a must read.

Additionally Chuck always went a step further by including a compilation of the little know or forgotten "incognito" training tips and techniques. I call them "TNT's" - They are ethereal (refined) and intense and pack an explosive wallop in the muscle gain theory. Some of these "incognito" training tips and techniques include and are not limited to:



Dennis, I have not finished reading it but I am almost there. I find it not only unique but perhaps one of the most interesting pieces (The e-report titled: ECHOES FROM THE POWER STORM THAT WAS…Chuck Sipes!) of work I have read. I think this might be due to the fact I met Sipes and, you and I have been communicating enough that I have a sense I know you so... another words I am reading from a personal interest not only a bodybuilding interest. I think unless a person is a fiction freak, the more realistic in writing the better. I love what I have read so far. It's so personal you get the sense of being there in person. I know I didn't word this right but... you know what I am saying?

It's honest and real insight. People in bodybuilding don't get a chance to see that very often. All the mags and books are so much hype. To read something that is real is a unique treat.

That being said I must also admit I am perhaps the biggest fan of your work, so you have to take that into consideration. I always review things with a eye for interest and enjoyment but also honest criticism. So I am being totally honest with you when I say I simple enjoy and respect your material. Take care my friend.

Alan Palmieri

Hi Dennis, The Chuck Sipes stuff (e-report) was very interesting. Looks like you developed quite a relationship with him. He was one of my favorites back when I first got interested in Bodybuilding. A great legend in our sport.

Take care,
Garry Bartlett Muscle Mag Int'l Contribution Consultant & Photographer

Dennis, The Chuck Sipes e-report is fabulous. I just wish the newcomers to the sport would realize how much information there really is in that kind of correspondence. I love it.

Roger Riedinger http://www.bodybuildingworld.com

Dear Dennis,

Wow! What a great e-report (ECHOES FROM THE POWER STORM THAT WAS…CHUCK SIPES!). I really enjoyed it although I may have enjoyed it more from the point of it being personal correspondence with Chuck Sipes. How times have changed with the top lifters of our day now. I did not know Mr. Sipes did so many exhibitions and also so many other interests.

Have a Power Health Day,
Dan Przyojski

Please check out this fantastic story (e-report) of the great legendary Chuck Sipes as written by Dennis Weis. Dennis is a lovely personal friend of mine as well, & I particularly love Dennis because he is from the OLD school & has great respect for the REAL folks in our industry, young and old. Dennis tells it like it is. I am sure you will all appreciate this piece.

Happy Reading!
Love, Lana Dora

I invite you now to order this 95 page e-report of personalized communiqués and tap into the hidden 'intense vibes' of one of the greatest Bodybuilding Power Heroes whoever lived…Chuck Sipes! The cost is only $24.99.


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