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Buyers Beware!  Mail-Order Muscle Ads

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Buyers Beware!

ATTENTION! This eye-opening special E-report is a very personalized glimpse, glance, and analysis into the world of mail-order muscle ads as seen in mainstream industry periodicals and websites associated with the Iron Game (bodybuilding).

Within the pages of this report I take you into the sleazy, amoral world of the devious, unscrupulous rogues of mail-order muscle ads and REVEAL their grab bag of unethical tricks and outright acts of chicanery.

You will learn the major reasons why people get conned and how to fight back and win by following 7 Explosive Strategies.

Buyer Beware!

This huge and comprehensive report also reveals:

  • Why the Magazine Publishers Are Not at Fault
  • List of the Stand & Deliver Advertisers (the good guys)
  • Learn the Difference Between Camouflage (too good to be true) and Legitimate Advertisers
  • Four Encapsulated Mail-Order Muscle Ad Stories: Mr. America in Six Months; The Nine Months Experience; Cash in the Mail; and Flagrant Consumer Reaming.
  • Mail-Order Muscle Ads Q&As and much more.

Hey Dennis,

I received your e-report (Buyers Beware!) today. Very good material. I think a report such as yours has the potential to, at the very least, provide a wake up call for those who buy into the "Huge Arms Overnight." Wishing you the best of success,

Phil Kaplan, Renowned Fitness Expert


Hi Dennis,

Thanks so much for the seminars and reports. (My personal favorite is the Buyers Beware, naturally!) We'll have fun with them!

Your Pals, Laree & Dave Draper


If you agree that it is important to know the difference between fact and fiction in mail-order muscle ads, then I urge you to order this special e-Report today! Get it now for only $19.99.


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